For My Grandfather: Poems to Turn the Tide

For My Grandfather: Poems to Turn the Tide

Valerie is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of For My Grandfather: Poems to Turn the Tide.

This new project is a unique combination of her autobiography – told in short, explanatory and often hilarious episodes – linked to the first-ever publication of her poetry.

Valerie has written poems all her life. Covering a span of eighty years, each poem marks a specific event, a turning point, a defining moment or a poignant memory.

Some poems celebrate the lives of the people she loves. Others mark a special performance by a brilliant actor, caught within the creative web of Sam Mendes CBE’s long and distinguished career as a theatre and film director.

Each of the linked episodes has a common denominator: they are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

None of the poems has been published before. The story of Valerie’s life has also remained a closely guarded secret.

Until now.

This unique collection of short reminiscences and clear, accessible verse is intended for children of all ages, young adults who are longing to be older, and older adults who remain young at heart.

For My Grandfather: Poems to Turn the Tide will be published in 2019.