Dangerous Summer

Stephen hesitated at the door of the conservatory. “Oh, and Beatrice …”

I turned to look at him. “Yes, dear?”

“Better luck next time?” His eyes were black with pain.

I flushed with humiliation. “Yes, Stephen, of course …” Shame, guilt and anxiety gripped my heart. Blood seeped between my thighs. “Better luck next time.”

Born in the heartlands of America into a family of doctors, Alexander Hertzler has a demanding job in the New York Hospital and the world at his feet. But when his baby daughter dies of typhoid fever, his life falls apart.

In London, Lady Beatrice Davenport, with her own successful dressmaking business, is devastated when she discovers she may not be able to have children. Will her marriage to a wealthy banker survive? And is it all her fault?

Rescued from drink, drugs and depression by his older brother, Alexander reluctantly travels to London with him to recuperate. One evening he meets Beatrice and her young niece, Charlotte. She is instrumental in bringing them together. Could she also be the one to tear them apart?

Set in New York, London and Oxfordshire during the blazing English summer of 1911, told by three narrative voices, this is a story of love and longing, dark fears and bright hopes, shattered and resurrected dreams.