Beatrice and Alexander
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Beatrice and Alexander

Beatrice and Victor Davenport married for love.

Or did they?

What exactly lay behind their wedding ceremony?

Beatrice is a working dress-designer from Hampstead.

Victor is a banker in the City of London: older than her, more experienced. And more dangerous?

Can their marriage survive if Beatrice fails to conceive? It was part of the bargain, wasn’t it? A nursery full of children, happy voices chattering into the night, laughter ringing out across the lawn.

And what happens when a young American doctor, Alexander Hertzler, arrives as an unexpected guest one summer’s evening?

Set in London, New York and Oxfordshire in 1911, Beatrice and Alexander explores a British marriage under threat, a family torn apart by scandal – and an explosion of love.

Beatrice and Alexander will be published by VMBooks on Valentine’s Day 2021