Picture Books

Picture Books

Look At Me, Grandma!

Illustrated by Claire Fletcher

Jamie stays alone with his beloved Grandma while his mother is having another baby.

Grandma’s loving stories of a child, lost long ago, bring Jamie dreams of strength and confidence as this secret friend shows him how to ride a bike, swim and, finally, how he can get ready to welcome his new baby sister home.

A memorable story about the wonderful love between generations — and the secret of how it endures.

Tomasina’s First Dance

Illustrated by Heather Calder

Tomasina the scarecrow stands very straight in the middle of Appletree Field. She can sing and play the flute. She knows one hundred tunes and all the words to them.

But she cannot walk or dance or run.

That is, until a new scarecrow arrives in a nearby field.

Periwinkle is determined to meet Tomasina. When he finally does, he shares some of his straw with her. His act of love changes her life forever, as they dance together under the summer moon.