My first blog

I am absolutely delighted to be able to write my first ever blog, mostly to thank so many readers who have written to me over the past two years to tell me how much they enjoyed LARKSWOOD.

I had buried myself away in a rented cottage in Long Hanborough in order to do battle with THE CHOICE, my second novel for the adult marketplace. There were weeks when I felt the harder I worked on the novel, the more muddled I felt and the worse the storyline became. Sometimes the only way to solve these kinds of problems is to leave the project alone and climb aboard the next. But I couldn’t do that this time. I had publishing commitments. I had to bite the bullet, dig a hole and continue digging.

At the heart of my dilemma were two questions only I could solve.

Moira goes missing. Is she ever found? Who finds her and how?

Walter is a villain. How evil is he? Is he a psychopath or not?

Because I now know the answers to both these questions the novel is for the first time ready for publication. And the most extraordinary thing of all is that because the bunker I was renting was very isolated and nobody spoke to me much for three years, I managed not only to answer my own storyline questions but to come up with a radical new theory about the Abdication of King Edward that nobody else had ever understood. Edward, I decided one very dark night of my soul, sitting alone in my room in the middle of a field, was set up to fail by the Establishment. He was hoist by his own petard. He fell into every trap set for him until, finally, he abandoned throne and Empire – and those closest to him breathed a huge sigh of relief.

And on 28 May 2017 you too will be able to read THE CHOICE.