Where Peacocks Scream

Where Peacocks Scream

“The feathers of an angel, the voice of the devil, and the feet of a thief.”

That’s how the mysterious stranger describes the peacocks when he comes to stay at The Riverside, the Oxford pub where twelve-year-old Daniel lives with his Mum and Dad.

But could the description fit the man himself?

Daniel thinks the stranger may have been stalking him all summer on Port Meadow. His suspicions are confirmed when, several weeks after the man’s arrival at his home, he makes a disturbing discovery.

What does he find? Does it prove the man is a villain? If so, what exactly might this mean for Daniel and his family? How much danger are they in? And why, after the man has vanished, does the haunting begin in earnest – and with deadly intent?

Set in Oxford and Wolvercote, Where Peacocks Scream is a gripping new mystery for nine-to-twelve-year-olds from the author of the bestselling Girl in the Attic.

“Created by a master story-teller, this story will enthral and capture the imagination of older children.”
Valerie Bierman, Children’s Book Consultant, Edinburgh


WHERE PEACOCKS SCREAM was published in paperback by The Book Guild on 28 October 2017.

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-912362 54 7